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The ears tend to be subtle facial features, so the slightest deviation from standard size and placement can be highly noticeable. Those with genetic traits, birth defects or injuries involving the ear commonly seek out solutions to improve facial proportion.

An otoplasty is a procedure that corrects the size, placement and proportion of the ears. Cartilage and soft tissue is removed and contoured to the desired shape and position of the ear. Incisions depend on ear size and intention of the procedure, but your surgeon will provide you with the best options for your otoplasty during the initial consult.

Scarring after an otoplasty will be hidden by the natural creases of the ear. Although recovery time varies among individuals, patients can expect a full recovery within 3-4 weeks after surgery.

When to consider an otoplasty:
• Ears stick out prominently
• Ears are disproportionate in size to other facial features or oddly placed
• Overly large ears (macrotia)

Other cosmetic procedures that may be performed with an otoplasty include:
• Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
• Brow lift
• Neck lift

General Info:
• Performed under general anesthesia
• Outpatient procedure